Zoomlion, Cape Coast Assembly trade blame over filthy city

zoomlionWaste Management Company, Zoomlion, has discounted claims by the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly that the company is responsible for the mountains of garbage that have piled up on street of Cape Coast.

According to the company, the landfill site, the final destination of the refuse on the street, is full hence the current insanitary condition in the Cape Coast metropolis.

Following reports of piles of garbage that have engulfed the city of Cape Coast, Joy News’ Richard Kwadwo Nyarko has been speaking to the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly and the Waste Management Company, Zoomlion on the situation.

While the Cape Coast Mayor, Priscilla Arhin Korankye blames the Waste Management Company for the ugly spectacle on the streets, Zoomlion has returned the blame to the Metro Assembly.

Central Regional manager of the Zoomlion Company, Ernest Kusi, revealed that the Assembly that is supposed to make the final disposal site ready has failed to do so hence, the present situation.

“It is the assembly that is supposed to make the landfill site ready. The landfill site is full. When it rains, the road to the site becomes impenetrable. It is the duty of the Assembly to manage the final disposal site. Our contract with them does not include that. The contract is the collection of the refuse to a landfill site made available by the Metropolitan Assembly”, he reiterated.

The Regional Manager however, says the Metropolitan Assembly should make it a matter of necessity to decommission the old landfill site that is associated with a lot of challenges.

“We really need the Assembly onboard. We are doing our part to get the system working again but their cooperation is very important. In this crisis period, we (zoomlion) have sent our machines to the site to work to make some space available so we can cart some of the garbage that has virtually swallowed the residents to the final disposal site”, he added.

The filth situation has sparked concerns from residents who fear there might be a cholera outbreak if the trend continues. An overpowering stench has gripped the city because of the garbage that has not been collected for weeks.

source: modernghana.com