Zimbabwe: Top official loses property after failing to pay prostitute

graceA self-confessed prostitute allegedly looted property worth $1,688 from a senior Government official who failed to pay her for services rendered following a romp at his matrimonial home in Bulawayo.

Raymond Kuzondishaya Nyandoro, a principal town planning officer in the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing stationed at Mhlahlandlela offices in the city, allegedly hooked up with Itai Muzambi at Pub Lagondola on July 27.

The hooker, a court heard, charged him $25 for a night of pleasure before the two proceeded to Nyandoro’s house in Bradfield suburb.

Muzambi, who came to court with a baby strapped to her back, yesterday pleaded not guilty to unlawful entry and theft when she appeared before Bulawayo Magistrate Miss Charity Maphosa.

She was remanded out of custody for the continuation of trial the next day.

Testifying in her defence, Muzambi said she took the property as she believed it was worth the “good time” she gave Nyandoro.

She told the court that she had se_x with Nyandoro on a sofa and his matrimonial bed.

Muzambi said at around 3AM when she demanded payment, Nyandoro said he did not have money and invited her to take anything from the house.

She allegedly took a Plasma TV, DVD, laptop, blankets, two cell phones, a comforter, men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, a wristwatch, suitcase, a Kenwood speaker, 3kgs of meat and a gas stove including its cables and tanks.

“Initially, he said he would send me the money when his wife came back. But I insisted on getting my money on the spot so he told me to get anything that I wanted in the house,” Muzambi said adding that she hired a taxi to take the loot to her home in Emakhandeni suburb.

“I took all that property because I believe I provided pleasure worth far more than the $25 I had initially charged”.

Prosecutors said the following morning; Nyandoro reported Muzambi to the police for theft.

Yesterday, he acted confused in court saying he did not remember what transpired on the day and accused Muzambi of spiking his drink.

“I don’t remember anything that happened that night your Worship. I suspect that my drink was spiked. I’ve never lost memory like that my whole life. The only thing I remember is leaving the pub where I was drinking with my friends. I’m not sure if I left with her.”

But Muzambi interjected, accusing Nyandoro of lying.

“How can you say you can’t remember? We had passionate se_x on the sofa before proceeding to the bedroom. If you were not in a right state of mind how would you remember that your wife was away?” she charged.

Nyandoro stuck to his story.

“Your Worship, honestly I can’t remember anything. Maybe what she is saying could be true, but I’m completely blank with regards to that night,” he said.

Prosecuting, Ms Liane Nkomo told the court that on July 27, Nyandoro took Muzambi to his house in Bradfield where they spent the night. She said the hooker took the property as payment for services rendered and goods worth $1,460 were recovered on Muzambi’s arrest.

Meanwhile, there was more drama outside the courtroom as Muzambi and Nyandoro’s relatives attacked a Chronicle news crew.

Muzambi charged at a Chronicle photographer and tried to destroy his camera while the reporter escaped only to be ambushed by Nyandoro’s relatives on the streets who warned her against writing the story.

They also snatched her notebook.

Hours later, they came to The Chronicle to return the notebook and begged editors not to publish the story.


Source: The Chronicles, Zimbabwe