Zimbabwe rally a ‘boost for Mugabe’


The march in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, must have been a huge psychological boost for President Robert who is facing growing calls to resign as the economic crisis in the southern African state worsens.

The 92-year-old Mr Mugabe was not in attendance, but the ruling Zanu-PF party’s youth wing – which organised the march – announced that he had donated 1,000 hectares of residential stands for the building of homes.

Youth leader Kudzai Chipanga said that by the 2018 election, young people would own homes and be landlords, not lodgers.

Talk of the 2018 election was a dominant theme at the rally, with supporters of Mr Mugabe calling on Zimbabweans to unite behind him.

One man at the rally told me:

Mr Mugabe is my hero. We are happy with his leadership.”
This is not the view of many other Zimbabweans who point out that the country is facing such a severe financial and economic crisis that civil servants aren’t even paid on time.

They question whether solidarity marches are enough to save Mr Mugabe – and the country.

They say Zimbabwe needs solutions – and quickly


Source: BBC