Zimbabwe official in court over Mugabe’s small-sized cap

76220072.295What might be considered an administrative peccadillo by some has landed a University of Zimbabwe (UZ) official in hot water following reports that Assistant Registrar, Ngaatendwe Takawira has been suspended for procuring a wrong size academic cap for President Robert Mugabe.

According to her suspension letter, Takawira is reported to have obtained a mortar board too small for the 92-year-old leader, who is the UZ Chancellor.

Following the seemingly frivolous error, Takawira was suspended pending further disciplinary proceedings. According to her suspension letter, her mistake caused an “embarrassing situation for the chancellor and the vice-chancellor.”

In her legal papers, Takawira said the cap “fit the chancellor perfectly well”.

Takawira added that she was not entirely to blame for the mishap as the President’s officials were not cooperative during the process: “The cap sizes were obtained from the chancellor’s office and also, when he was asked to fit the caps, his office indicated that he was busy,” she reportedly said.

The matter is at the high court, with Takawira challenging her suspension and seeking for the dismissal of the disciplinary hearing.

source: ghanaweb.com

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