Zimbabwe imposes restrictions on imports


Zimbabwe has imposed restrictions on mainly South African imports in an attempt to protect local industries and curb the outflow of scarce US dollars, Industry Minister Mike Bimha has said, Reuters news agency reports.

Importers of the affected products, from canned beans to furniture, will now have to apply for special licences and explain why they need them, Mr Bimha told Reuters.

Other listed goods included cereals, potato crisps and dairy products, building materials and steel products, the agency reports.

Mr Bimha said:

What we are saying is that if you had already imported your products before 17 June, show us the proof and we will give you an import licence to bring the goods.

But going forward, if anyone wants to import these listed products then you need to provide justification before you are issued with a licence. We want to ensure our industries increase their capacity.”

The restrictions would last for six months but could be extended, Mr Bimha added.


Source: BBC

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