You’re not the only one facing attacks – PURC to ECG workers


The Director of Public Relations and External Affairs of the Public Utility Regulatory Commission(PURC), Nana Yaa Jantuah has said the attack on the PURC as a regulator in the Utility sector has likewise intensified lately, hence the Public Utility Workers Union cannot stand on public disaffection to boycott efforts in tackling the ECG problems.

The PUWU has given the PURC a seven day ultimatum to withdraw the directive suspending a new billing software by the ECG.

This comes on the back of what the PUWU says is the threats of physical attacks on their workers following the PURC’s lack of consultation with management of ECG over directive already in force.

But Jantuah said, the workers claim of the supposed threats and public disaffection ought not be a major issue for it to boycott the collective efforts that will help find an amicable solution to the problems at hand.

“…Do they know how unsafe we are as a regulator? There were times customers besieged our offices to attack us- some even went to the point of abusing staff and tearing up their shirts because they had issues. I’ve got myself attacked on countless occasion by customers. If they’re indeed talking about dissatisfaction then it’s not the directive that has caused this dissatisfaction – the dissatisfaction has come about because of the astronomical bills people were complaining about.

“Have they ask why it took us so long to come up with the decision? It took us so long because we did a thorough work on it before taking that bold step- We’re aware of the confrontations that were bound to come with it. At the time that they were fighting for an increase in tariffs we gave them against all odds, they should learn to bear with the confrontations in the same manner.”

Meanwhile, Nana Yaa Jantuah says the inadequacies in the system does not warrant any consumer to attack workers, cautioning that it is unlawful for customers to abuse workers over dissatisfaction.



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