You won’t know Ghana is blessed until you travel- Ebo Whyte celebrates 61st Birthday

The Chief Executive Officer of Roverman productions fondly called Uncle Ebo Whyte has declared Ghana a blessed country in his 61st birthday message to Hitz FM listeners.

Uncle Ebo speaking on the holiday edition of DayBreak Hitz indicated that any Ghanaian who does not see the evidence of the blessing is not doing his best.

“Ghana is a blessed country, we may not often see the evidence of it but when you travel out or live outside the country, it will not escape you, you will know this country is blessed. The reason why we don’t feel bless is because all of us are not doing the best we can but this land, this nation is bless”.

He said Ghanaians can make Ghana the paradises Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah envisioned if they live with the assumption that the country is a blessed one.

The Food for Thought motivational speaker on Joy FM says foreigners appreciate Ghana than its indigenes. He added that it takes Ghanaians travelling beyond their shore to appreciate what the nation has.

“There is no foreigner that comes to Ghana and leaves willingly. After they have worked and stay here for a while, they do not want to go not even back to their own country and yet those of us who were born here are always ready to run out because we don’t appreciate the fact that the place is blessed.

Uncle Ebo Whyte also celebrated his 60th birthday on Joy FM

“It is only when we go there that we realized that we have left something awesome behind us. There is no Ghanaian who returns from a foreign trip who doesn’t appreciate Ghana even more.”

Uncle Ebo Whyte says for Ghana to reap the fullness of its blessings, citizens need to shirk indiscipline, folly and mediocrity.