You look Sexy!


Conversation between Grandma and her

Grandma: Akosua where are you going?

Akosua: please am going to church.

Grandma: Really? Please come and sit
down and lets talk for a minute before you go. I think church has not began yet, has it?

Akosua: no it hasn’t.

Grandma: the way you are dressed, in fact, you look very sexy.

Akosua: thank you very much.

Grandma: Hmmm, Akosua, i can see you love that complement. please tell me, do you need someone
to have sex with you?

Akosua: ooh noo. Grandma, why this

Grandma: if you do not need someone to have sex with you then why do you dress sexy?

Akosua: nothing grandma. I just want to…

Grandma: Akosua, never feel proud or swollen headed when someone tells you that you look sexy. In fact, its a very bad compliment and even an insult. The intention of dressing sexy is to attract men. That’s all.
That’s the reason why prostitutes dress this way. They dress this way because they want someone to have sex with them and pay them.

They do everything possible to look sexy and attractive not to just one person but to the entire men in town. They expose their breasts, they wear things that with hold them tight and expose all the curves and even private parts of their body, just to look sexy and attractive to men so that they will have sex with them and give them money. Please Akosua are you also trying to look that way so that you will be attractive to men for

The reason why you are not getting a husband is this, the reason why men have sex with you and dump you is this.
It’s not me here using witchcraft against you. You are dressed like this going to church, the probability of bringing even the pastor down is very high. But remember that man shall fall but through him that the fall shall come should… I know you can you remember this scripture very well.

Well, Akosua am done you can now go .

Akosua : thank you very much Grandma. From today onwards i promise i will never dress to look sexy anymore i will rather dress to look beautiful. I never knew about this. Thank you very much.

Grandma: You are welcome my dear. But are you not going to church anymore?

Akosua: yes grandma, but am going in to change my cloth first.

Grand mom: may God bless you for doing that.
Akosua: Thank you Grand mom
#I hope you have learnt something out of this
Don’t just read it but apply it


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