Playing football as a young boy, I enjoyed having girls at the games singing and cheering our team on. This gave us renewed energy to play even when you are tired and can’t kick the ball.

Many of our boys always waited to have girls singing before they played their best game.

We bring this same attitude to life. We wait for “cheerleaders” before we do anything. I know not everyone likes me, I also know not everyone will be rooting for me but I have enough motivation to get myself going.

When no one is watching, that’s when I bring my A game.

Hold on to the people in your circle who believe in you. You don’t need everyone cheering you on before you do something, sometimes you should even expect jeers.

Be your own motivation. There is something inside so strong it doesn’t matter if you don’t have cheerleaders, cheer yourself to the dream, in the end they will all respect you for not giving up. 

Have you ever seen an eagle waiting for pigeons to clap for it before it flies ? Don’t thrive on the applause of men to do everything you have to do.

When I get feedback, it’s tells me some people have the time to respond and treat it as important but I also know that even though some others are more thankful of what I do they just don’t respond but they appreciate it everyday.

Don’t wait for support groups and gangs or unions before you can do something. With God all things are possible. God and I? We form the majority.

Identify the people who push you on, walk with them. Let them inspire you. My mum, my family, my mentor, a few friends, they are enough!

Never feel sad because someone doesn’t support what you are doing. Not everyone understands you from the beginning. At first Steve Jobs was insane but in the end he was a genius.

Be your own motivation. Be a lion and roar at every challenge.

Keep walking. Keep walking. Did I just repeat myself?

Yeah…keep walking and don’t look back because you are not going that direction.

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