You Cheat, You Die

cheating”You better not cheat or you’ll end up dead!” is proving to be a real threat to cheating men worldwide.

A study conducted by the University of Florence has shown that “sudden coital death” is more common when a man is engaging in extramarital sex in an unfamiliar setting than when he’s having sex with his spouse at home.

The researchers found that infidelity outside the home was associated with “a higher risk of major cardiovascular event,” including fatal heart attacks. Heart attacks were less common when a man was having sex with his wife in a familiar setting.

This provided information about the type of man who is unfaithful and the potential consequences.

The analysis showed that heart attacks, including fatal ones, were relatively rare when a man was having sex with his wife at home. But things changed quickly when men where caught having sex with a strange woman in another home.

German studies show that most men who died during sex were having an affair and meeting away from the family home.

The physical demands of sex are said to cause the fatty plaque that has built up inside arteries to rupture in these cases.

Perhaps its the anxiety of the whole situation that causes this as well.

According to the Daily Mail

“The stress of wining, dining and satisfying a woman who is likely to be younger than the man’s wife may also be to blame, as can the strain of keeping an affair secret.

Researcher Dr Alessandra Fisher said: ‘Extra-marital sex may be hazardous and stressful because the lover is often younger than the primary partner and probably sex occurs more often following excessive drinking and/or eating.”

So you may want to think twice about the next time you cheat, for more reasons than one.

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