‘YOLO’ is the most diverse tv series – George


“Yolo is the most diverse TV series” Upon all the Ghana TV series you have watched, will you believe this comment, especially from one of the cast in “Yolo”? Well if you don’t, then I suggest you take a second view of “Yolo” to get a reason to believe this assertion.

I call him “The fresh cast” you know him to be George in “Yolo”. In an interview with Kwaku B – de perfect gentleman” on Anapua fm, he said he will recommend “Yolo” for all because it is the most diverse TV series.

“I will recommend for all because “Yolo” does not talk to one age blanket. It talks to all age group teenagers, mother and father. The content of Yolo is something that everybody can learn something from, to me is the most diverse TV series. It’s a TV series where the young can pick their role models, learn about personal hygiene, HIV and rape issues. A series like this I will recommend for all”

There was a scene in “ Yolo – Season2 Episode11” where George had to call his mum from a friend’s joint to read from his note at home, the symptoms of an STD {Gonorrhea} to the hearing of his friends. When asked about the friendship between him and his mum, he said it does help and will edge everybody to learn something from it.

“It helps because you don’t hide anything from your mum when she is your friend. We talk to friends more about our problems when there’s no friendship between us and our parents, but when you and your mum are close you talk about anything. I know it is not like that in our society that’s why “Yolo” is here to teach us about how important it is for parents and children to be friends”

If you haven’t learnt anything about “Yolo” then it is about time you do because even George himself has learnt something about his own character.

“I have learnt to make right decisions from “Yolo”. It is only my character who does not have a girlfriend, yet will support you to do your deviance, but at the end of the day you wouldn’t see me doing such thing myself. This tells me that friends who advise us to ply the road of misfits might not be doing it themselves. I have learnt to make right choices and it’s an advice to all”


Source: pentigh