‘Witches’ on the run after death of man


Alleged witches are on the run after they were accused of killing 37-year-old man at Kpene, a community near Sagnarigu in the Northern region.

The deceased, Muniru Dokurug was said to have died mysteriously Saturday after a short illness. There was chaos after his sudden death with his friends threatening to lynch the alleged witches they claim killed him.

The youth said they have identified a man and woman in the town using witchcraft to kill people. The angry youth have petitioned the traditional authority asking them to banish all ‘witches’ in the town.

Some young men in the area numbering about 100 have since fled the town to seek refuse at Sagnarigu due to the incessant deaths in the town.

Assembly woman for Kpene, Zeliah Issah confirmed his unfortunate incident to Adom News Sunday.

She said, residents are living in fear because the perception that, Kpene is full of witches and wizards is becoming real following the incessant death in the town.

“Since we were children people never settled at Kpene due to claims that only witches and wizards live there but the people who decided to live there now are dying” she added.

Madam Zeliah Issah said the alleged witches currently on the run are likely to be summoned before the Sagnarigu Chief to tell their side of the story as they investigate the matter.


Source: adomonline.com

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