Why we are on strike; doctors, pharmacists say it all on Ghana Connect

7109066306199_7173282274096A bone chip of a patient hit my eyeball  whilst treating him in a theatre at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. I nearly got blind but I have no risk allowance.

That was the testimony of an angry doctor, Harding, on Joy FM’s Ghana Connect programme, Friday, defending why doctors have to go on strike and if necessary resign en masse.

Another doctor said he delivered his wife, who is also a doctor in 2004 at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and was presented a bill to pay for the delivery.

Having delivered dozens of children in the same hospital, some of whom are babies of public officials, who are presented with bills that will be refunded to them, Titus does not understand why he should be paying for such a service.

The conclusion by the doctors is that there is no conditions of service regulating their occupation and they want one and now.

Whilst still sympatizing with Ghanaians on the impact of their strike on patients the doctors say over four decades of practice without a condition of service is enough and they can take no more, the empty assurances by successive governments.

One of the doctors said in 2007, when a doctor at Korle Bu decided to ask for conditions of service, the authorities revoked his appointment by the then Korle Bu CEO.

“It is regrettable that we have come to this stage but we have been left with no choice but to go this way,” they said.

An advertiser Listowell who has sued the doctors described the comments as unfortunate.

He did not understand why the doctors will take such a drastic decision.

source: myjoyonline.com