Why Africans are so Hated all over the world?

Africans are hated and not respected around the world because they did not have ancestors who were brutal and violent enough toward other races and populations.

When you look at the most loved and respected people in the world today, they all have one thing in common. Their ancestors were the most violent and responsible of the most horrible crimes, genocides, wars, humanity have ever witnessed.

Africans ancestors have not committed even one single genocide.
They did not exterminate any single population.
They did not colonize, massacre, plunder and steal the land of any other population.

Still, they are the most hated, discriminated people around the world.

In Asia, they are hated, What harm have they done to Asians?
In Europe, they are hated, What harm have they done to Europeans?
In the middle East they are hated, What harm have they done to Arabs?
In America, they are hated, What harm have they to Americans?

NO harm have they done to these people, but still they hate us.

Now, look at the Europeans. When they travel to tropical countries, they see all people smiling at them, greeting and treating them with extreme politeness and deference, nodding their head, and avoiding to look them into the eyes. Europeans often take these signs as related to their inherent superiority, but those behaviors are in fact a conditioned reflex coming from the cold fear left by their brutal ancestors in all the places they have been before them.

Surprisingly, regardless of the violence Europeans committed in Europe, Asia and America, they still are the most preferred people in the world.

How do you explain that?

Their brutal ancestors have secured for them the fear-respect the receive today wherever they go.

As Machiavelli put it, It’s “better to be feared than loved”, because “Men love according as they please, and fear according to the will of the prince. A wise prince should establish himself on that which he controls, and not in that which others control. Men have less scruple in offending one who they love than one who they fear, for love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity when their self-interest intervenes; but fear preserves you because a dread of punishment never wanes.””

When you take a deep look at the richest countries and the wealthiest people in the world, you suddenly notice a profound pattern. The richest countries are those which committed the most genocides, crimes and violence, and the wealthiest people are in majority the descendants of the people who benefited from those crimes.

The hard truth is that, it’s easier to earn respect, money with violence, war, unlawful activities than any other honest manner your parents have taught you. And nations become wealthier more quickly with war and looting than by the hard work of their citizen contrary to what the text books would tell you.

Violence in the world would not stop as far as we reward crime more than peace and justice.