Who’s Against The Independence Of Puerto Rico?

ricoRecently, the United States celebrated its 239th Independence Day! Who could be against that? Nobody! But, should we asked, “Who is against the independence of Puerto Rico?” The United States government is! Let’s start from the beginning.

Before the United States became a nation, the English colonists almost died, had it not been for the Native Americans. They taught them how to farm in America. The English colonists rewarded them by either killing them or putting them in concentration camps that they creatively called reservations.

When the English colonists found out about the Caribbean Islands, they advised England to conquer them.

When Simon Bolivar asked the United States (US) for support and aid to liberate the last 2 remaining Spanish colonies in America (Cuba and Puerto Rico), the US said no. The US government wanted Cuba and Puerto to remain as they were. Obviously, the US government had other plans for them!

In 1897, Puerto Rico gained autonomy from Spain by virtue of the Autonomic Charter. Spanish laws would no longer apply in Puerto Rico unless they were approved by the Puerto Ricans. The following year in 1898, the US government declared war on Spain, and forced her to give up Puerto Rico. So after 405 years of being a colony of Spain, Puerto Rico has now been a colony of the US government for 117 years.

In 1950, the Puerto Rican Nationalists Party revolted against the US government. Although unsuccessful, the US government decided to give Puerto Rico a name that would sound more like if she was not a colony. In 1952, it decided on the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or in Spanish, el Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico.

The following year, the US asked the United Nations (UN) to remove Puerto Rico off its list of colonies, because she had reached self-government with the new name the US had given her. And, the UN did!

The following year, 1954, 4 Puerto Ricans nationalist attacked Congress in Washington, DC to draw attention to the fact that Puerto Rico was still a US colony.

In 1960, the UN declared colonialism a crime against humanity, because it threatens world peace. Thus far, the UN has asked the US government 34 times to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico. They have all been ignored!

How is it possible for a country like the United States, with such a short history of 239 years, gets to become the most powerful nation in the world? It has done so by taking the wealth away from every nation that has allowed her to. Did you know that for every dollar that the US invests in Puerto Rico, it gets back 14 dollars? No wonder there are more Puerto Ricans out of Puerto Rico than in!

The UN is in its third decade trying to eradicate colonialism from the world. History has shown that the US government has provoked conflicts and wars. We can say without a doubt that the US government is not interested in world peace. The fact that King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” does not dissuade the US government from creating more injustice. It is precisely that injustice which it continues to perpetuate that has permitted the US government to become the most powerful nation in the world. And then, it has the audacity to call others terrorists!

source: modernghana.com