Who is your chairman? Mahama lunges at NPP again

725661773_946049President John Mahama has once again lunged at the opposition New Patriotic Party describing it as a party in turmoil.

At a rally in the Volta Region to round off his campaign to be retained as presidential candidate ahead of the governing party’s primary Saturday, the president did not fail to ridicule the opposition party which has made the headlines for all the bad reasons in recent times.

“Who is your chairman?” the president taunted the NPP before a mammoth crowd of faithful partisan supporters who had converged at Ho, Thursday.

The crowd cheered and jeered on the same wavelength with the president as he went ahead to tear the opposition party apart.

The president had been given the ammunition by the opposition party whose top hierarchy on Wednesday staged another dramatic scene of confusion with a comedy of press conferences and the president used the ammunition to perfection.

Whilst this NPP drama was this time without rancour and bloodshed, it still exhibited a party in confusion as suspended chairman Paul Afoko, organised a press conference accusing 70 top members of the National Council of the party of staging a coup to remove him from office.

Incidentally one of the 70, who is now the acting chair of the party was also speaking at another press conference organised simultaneously with that of the suspended chair.

Both claimed to be speaking in their capacities as chairmen on Wednesday, something the president could not help but wade into when he addressed the rally in the Volta Region on Thursday.

His recent lunge at Bawumia notwithstanding, the president found a new set of political targets in the opposition party and stripped them.

“There was something very funny. Human organizations is made up people with different point of opinions. We don’t always agree but when we agree we want to be in one society. The function of leadership must be to manage our different opinions and point of view so that we can move together in the same direction.

“And the bible says remove the log in your eye before you point at the moot in someone else’s eye. On the day that ‘opana’ (Freddie Blay) was doing his press conference to respond to me, somebody too was doing a press conference accusing him and saying he is going to court.

“This one (Freddie Blay) says i am acting chair of the party; this one (Afoko) says i am chairman of the party. I thought ‘opana’ will rather pay attention to the competence of organising his party than organising press conferences at me.

“One mark of competent leadership is manage and unite people… So who is the chairman? Right now i don’t which of them to address,” the president mocked.

He called on his party members to allow the peace within the party to remain at all times towards the 2016 elections.

The president went ahead to launch operation one million vote gap between the NDC and the NPP in the upcoming 2016 election in the region whose name he changed from Volta Region to Very Reliable.

The Volta Region over the years has remained the ‘world bank’ of the governing National Democratic Congress.

source: myjoyonline.com

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