When it’s free, Your are the Product

Two young fishermen were spending time together at the bank of a big lake, trying to catch fish when they suddenly saw an old man in a small canoe navigating slowly until a calm corner of the lake.

The old man stopped his canoe, took something from a bag and start spreading it over the lake. In fact, the old man has prepared a special farina which the fishes like.

He spread the farina for about 5 minutes and left back home.

The two young fishermen can’t understand what the old fisherman was doing. They cracked jokes about the stupidness of senile people and called the old man names while continuing jolting their fishing rods.

The next day, the old man came and repeated the same action, and headed back home in his small canoe.

The young fishermen cracked the same jokes, and this time commented “We are here to catch fish for food unsuccessfully, and that stupid old man comes to give food to the fish for free! Insanity has no age! Why won’t he sink with his canoe!”.

The third day, the old man came and did exactly the same action and headed back home. Our young fishermen cracked more jokes and laughed loud enough for the old man to understand they were mocking him.

During 5 days, the old man repeated the same action.

On the the sixth day, he came with his two sons, and brought a big net. After feeding the fishes a little bit, he spread the net over the corner, and waited.

Some time later, he asked his two sons to pull the net. They could barely move it. The net was full of fish. The 3 men returned home with their canoe overflowing of fishes.

The two young fishermen can’ believe their eyes. In their whole life they have never seen any man catches so many fishes in just few minutes. They thought the old man has made voodoo to be so lucky.

In Africa, NGOs are acting exactly like the old man in our story. They feed us, and pretend to help us for free but to condition us for later easier predation.

The free tickets to events, the free invitations, the free food, the free internet, the free vaccination, the free information, the free technical assistance, … are all in a package to condition us to behave in a more predictable way, and get us to fall in love with the same people who later would be our predators (if history should be a lesson).

Many young and quite old Africans have already developed a pavlovian reaction to some expressions like: aid, help, assistance, project, scholarship, invitation, project, NGOs.

Nowadays, If you want an African to stop thinking critically, and act like a well conditioned dog, just use the above expressions with a faint hope that some money will follow from abroad or some White people will come to visit them!

… When it’s free, your are the product!

To all my friends from abroad who want to “help africa”, don’t do NGOs, or humanitarian mission, come here to start your business. Entrepreneurs and innovators on the ground are the ones Africa needs the most.

We are tired of NGOs and Churches!