WhatsApp affecting discipline among students – GES


Buying mobile phones for children who are yet to complete Senior High school contributes to indiscipline among such students, the director general of the Ghana Education Service has observed.

According to Jacob Kor, unlimited access to the internet to students of such age makes them “way ward”.

The worried educationist also expressed concerns about the creeping development where parents are purchasing mobile phones for pupil as low as primary three.

Speaking at the 10th Conference of Heads and Managers of Ahmadiyya Muslim Education Institutions in WA in the Upper East region, Mr. Kor said mobile phones are having negative impact on the education of children in the country.

“I will not buy the gadget (phone) for my child until he or she completes the secondary school. All they do now is Whatsapping and Whatsapping deep into the night instead of studying.

“Manufacturers of mobile phones implore users to limit the extent they use the gadget but this is not


Source: starrfmonline.com

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