There are certain things that men really want from you but will never tell you they do. Today, let’s make these things clear and look at some of the most essential needs guys have. Let’s discover what do men want:

1) Respect

Well, this is, probably, one of the most important and vital needs that all men have. Every guy wants his lady to respect him. What does it mean? Well, just show him that he is important to you, and so are his thoughts, words and actions. Respect your gentleman at all times, both privately and publicly.

2) Admiration and compliments

All men desire to be admired by their women. They, just as we, ladies, do, enjoy compliments and appreciation. Make sure to give your sincere compliments to your partner. You’ll see, he’ll love it! A man will love and will be devoted to a woman who truly not only respects, but also sincerely admires him. In return, he will give you his love, care and kindness.

3) Support

Every man can have hard times in life and he really needs his women to support, motivate and encourage him during these periods. A man who has unwavering support of his loving woman can accomplish a lot more in life, than a guy who constantly gets only criticism from his lady. Believe in your man. He needs to know that you are always by his side, that you love him and you care.

4) Smile

When a guy tells you that he loves your smile, he really means it. Beautiful smile of loving partner can not only make his day, but also will make him feel loved, cared for and appreciated. Therefore, be generous and give smiles to your partner. Show him that you are happy by his side.

5) Appreciation

When a girlfriend or a wife appreciates her man and his efforts, when she tells him that she is grateful – he is ready to do even more for her. Therefore, reward your partner with your sincere appreciation and never forget to say “thank you”, even for those smallest good things that your gentleman does for you.

6) Men do care about the way you look

Well, most guys will never tell you that they do care about the way you look, but according to many researches and surveys, men appreciate all our daily efforts. Guys like it when you care about yourself, when you wear pretty dresses and high heels, when your hair looks great and when you smell amazing, even though, often, they will tell you that they like it natural. By “natural” they mean that they love your God given, genuine, inartificial and effortless beauty. It’s true that, usually, men don’t tend to love makeup or perfume overload, but they, definitely, do appreciate your efforts to be pretty for them.

 7) Kindess

Men do need your kindness. They like it when you show them that you care, when you smile and talk to them with that lovely and kind tone of voice. And, honestly, who wouldn’t like it?

8) Friendship

Even if you are married for a very long time or you are happily dating, your man wants you to be his genuine and faithful friend, a companion with whom he can share good or bad things. Therefore, don’t neglect your quality time together, when you can openly communicate, share ideas, talk about different things and be not only lovers, but also great friends. There is a saying: “If you want to be happy, marry your best friend”. Makes sense on my opinion.

9) Love and romance

And finally, the most obvious thing that both men and women need – is love, but guys will rarely admit that they like romance. Even though, men, often, don’t talk about it, some guys can hardly express their feelings and many try to play tough, men definitely do need love. Often, men doubt their ability to be romantic, therefore, if you are in a relationship, make sure to show your partner love and also encourage his romantic efforts, tell him about your feelings, inspire him share his and express love by your actions – it will make your partner happy.

I hope you’ve found these relationship tips useful.

What are other things that men do want in women but will never tell? Please, share your own dating and relationship advice for women in the comment’s section below.

Stay happy!

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