Webster University holds lecture in Ghana


The Ghana Campus of the Webster University has held a public lecture in Accra in relation to the role of the media in Africa.

The lecture which was on the theme “Africa in the Eyes of the World and the Role of the Media” was aimed at recognizing the emergence of the new Africa.

It also explored the huge opportunity for the media and international development community to reinvent communication strategies for the African continent.

The programme was graced by Esther Amarh, Dr. Marquita Sheree Smith and actor Juliet Asante. Speaking at the event, Dr. Marquta Sheree Smith highlighted on the challenges and solution the media space in Africa face. “Africa’s image in western media is not a self-portrait.

We need journalists to create narratives about culture and lifestyles.  Current coverage of Africa promoted in the Western Media, too often infers worthlessness, disregards African humanity, and devalues the mind, and minimizes spirituality and connectivity.

Promote ethical journalists, continental and global who are interested in going beyond the single-narrative of Africa.” For her part, award winning journalist Esther Amarh focused on how Africans can use social media effectively to tell Africa’s story.

Social media she said can be used to communicate to people all over the world. “You have not travelled, you have not moved, you have announced yourself but you have been in communication with millions of people that’s the power the of social media.

Power, protest, promotion and profit are four P’s that manifest when it’s comes to Africa and social media” she added. Actor Juliet Asante charged Africans to make continent’s story known to the world “if you don’t tell your story, someone will tell it for you… either-way, the story must and will be told…


Source: citifmonline