Wear Ghana announces second anniversary celebration

Wear-Ghana-2-620x330WEARGHana? What could that be? A call to action? A slogan? A statement? A project?

It is all of that and more. It’s a movement, one that makes its own rules and breaks same at will; a brand that is determined to change the narrative on Africa. It is a rallying cry. It is a beautiful story of ambition and ingenuity. It is a fashion label; a fashion label like no other.

If you have not already done business with WEARGhana then you are missing out on a truly wonderful couture experience. Launched close to two years with an awe-inspiring online campaign – 15.11.13 – that went viral, and culminated in an irregular launch at the African Regent Hotel, WEARGhana is an unconventional and super creative brand.

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Established primarily to get Ghanaians, Africans and everyone else to wear clothes with a touch of African everyday – as opposed to mainly on Friday and to traditional ceremonies – WEARGhana makes clothes that make people standout, while accentuating their personalities. What really stands WEARGhana out is the boldness and ingenuity of their designs. For WEARGhana, no idea is impossible to achieve. And that shows in their outfits.

Having started on such a bright note and following that up with countless truly outstanding outfits, it is really not surprising how far this exciting label has come in such a short time. Already, WEARGhana is a favorite of celebrities and people whose personalities require that they always standout where ever they go.

And it’s so true what they say, that time does run fast when you having fun.

So all too soon, WEARGhana is approaching its second anniversary. And in what is turning out to be a build-on to what transpired last year in the lead to WEARGhana’s first anniversary event, which was dubbed #theengagement, WEARGhana has got the internet buzzing with a teaser campaign for their 2nd anniversary celebrations dubbed #theoutdooring.

Wear Ghana (3)The big question on everyone’s lips leading up to 15/11/15 has been what is #theoutdooring? What are these WEARGhana folks up to this time? With most people expecting an event, akin to what transpired last year, it seems WEARGhana have yet another surprise for all. You simply can’t ever figure them out. It turns out #theoutdooring is not your regular event.

According to WEARGhana co-founder Angorkor, “#theoutdooring is all about the unveiling of WEARGhana’s online retail and the formal launch of the WEARGhana website – www.wearghana.com. After two years of making solely made-to-measure outfits, WEARGhana has finally succumbed to the requests of its teeming customers to make some of its designs available for purchase on-the-go. WEARGhana is a brand that listens. We are always working at making the experience much better for our clients, and we believe that offering them a truly convenient online retail service is a step in the right direction.”

As explained by the brains behind the brand, this is a day that will fondly be remembered by many as serving to herald a new dawn of convenience where purchasing bespoke Ghanaian wear is concerned. From 15th November 2015, you can choose from a myriad of designs on the WEARGhana Facebook page and website – www.wearghana.com – and have same produced to fit you perfectly and delivered to you in the convenience of your home, workplace or wherever you so wish.

As a fun-loving brand, WEARGhana will offer patrons an experience of a lifetime as part of the unveiling ceremony. So on 15th November, the place to be on Facebook would be on WEARGhana’s page. Activities lined up include a first-of-its-kind online church service, an online “beauty contest” that will reward people who post pictures of themselves in WEARGhana outfits on the WEARGhana page, among other exciting activities.

Awura Abena, the other half the WEARGhana duo chipped in “in keeping with our core value of unpredictability, we are going to wow people come 15th November. It is going to be fun, fun, fun.

So see you on the WEARGhana Facebook page on 15th November, 2015 and let’s celebrate WEARGhana’s 2nd anniversary in a truly unique way. See you at #theoutdooring.

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source: citifmonline.com

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