We won’t sell Police forms beyond 50 cedis – Sammy Awuku


The Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Awuku has said the party will ensure that police forms are not sold above GHC 50 cedis when voted into power.

Police recruitment vouchers this year [2016] went for GHC 100.

The Ghana Commercial Bank sold over 17,000 vouchers three days after the Service began processes to recruit new personnel into the Service.

But Sammy Awuku on Point Blank segment of Eyewitness News said charges for the forms were unreasonable considering the fact that the registration was done online.

“The cost of the forms should cover the cost of printing and distribution and this time around it was more of an internet based so what is the cost of printing and distribution.Under the NPP I will make a stronger case that police forms should not go beyond 50 cedis.

The 100 cedis is suicidal . It is a high road to suicide. People are even going back to their parents to take that 100 cedis and we know that they[Police Service] will not take more than 3000 people.”

He alleged that the Police Service had been forced to charge exorbitant fees because government had refused to provide them with the necessary resources needed to discharge their duties effectively.

“There should not be complete dereliction of duty on the part of government. Government has a responsibility to support the security agencies with logistics and help them with money to run the entities but when they feel there is no help coming from anywhere, the only thing they will lay their faith on is how to profit from the already poor you.

If they were given resources they needed, the Police will not sell from for 100 cedis.”

He further stated that the NPP will decentralize the security agencies when it comes to power “Under the NPP administration, selection into the security agencies will decentralized because someone cannot spend his whole life in Keta.

You go through training and you are sent to Paga. Do you know the dynamics of Paga?If you are copying properly and from advanced countries and countries that have made it in terms of policing and the politics of policing, it has been decentralized.”


Source: myjoyonline.com

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