We will deliver – Akufo-Addo


THE flagbearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has pledged he will never disappoint Ghanaians when entrusted with the leadership of the country.

At a mammoth rally organised by the party at the Trade Fair site in Accra yesterday to mark the end of the months of vigorous campaigning across the country, Nana Addo appealed to Ghanaians to give him the chance by voting massively for him to build a new Ghanaian civilization and development the country.

He lamented that although the country was endowed with so much resources, the current NDC government has mismanaged everything and left the majority of Ghanaians in abject poverty.

“When voted into power, we will be careful to use our God-given ideas to bring jobs, and create wellbeing for the people of Ghana. I will not come to steal from you and to loot state coffers; we are coming to work hard to push this country forward,” he assured.

Responding to accusations from President Mahama and some members of his government that he, Nana Addo, was out and about begging for votes, Nana made it clear that he would not stop begging for votes because ultimate sovereignty resides with the people.

“I will continue to beg for the votes because the power belongs to the people,” he said

He promised to restore and put new life into the National Health Insurance Scheme, restore nurses and teacher trainee allowances

He also reiterated his resolve to make Senior High School.

When elected into power, he promised to allocate US$1 million to every constituency for accelerated development.

He said the NPP was marked for a resounding victory on the December 7, considering the wind of change that was blowing across the country.

He entreated the people of Ghana to ignore the lies and dirty propaganda that would be thrown about in this few days to the election and support him to victory.

Election between competence and incompetence – Bawumia

The NPP’s running mate, Dr Bawumai said the coming election is a choice between competence and incompetence, and a leader who is corruptible and another who is incorruptible.

He said that within the 8 years of NDC rule, it had demonstrated to be the most corrupt and incompetent government in the history of this country.

He said the NPP administration, with very little resources, instituted various social intervention programmes such as the NHIS, metro mass transport and a host of infrastructural development.

He accused the President Mahama administration has been practicing what he termed as ‘Woyomenomics’ by looting state money and heaping hardship on Ghanaians.

He said an NPP government will reduce taxes, create an enabling environment for business to thrive and create wellbeing for all Ghanaians

God has given us victory – Kufour

Former President Kufour was optimistic that on Wednesday, the people of Ghana will vote to change the current government and restore hope to Ghanaians.

He noted that while meditating for a message for the occasion, he found inspiration in the book of Joshua in the Bible and the account of how God guided Joshua to the promise land.

He said the NPP has a history of destiny and was optimistic that God has already delivered victory to the NPP.

He talked about the sacrifices his government made to lift the country from a highly-indebted country to a middle-income country but lamented that the NDC government has only succeeded in returning the country back into the abyss.

The General Secretary of the party, Mr John Boadu, admonished the party to continue the campaign until victory is taken.

He applauded the agents of the party for a good work done during the special voting exercise that ended yesterday.

He charged the agents to ensure that the EC officials give out just one leaflet at a time to check over-voting.

He took the opportunity to school the party supporters on the right way to vote on Election Day.

He emphasised that the party will not accept an extended voting.

Hon Akoto Osei, who earlier took turn on the stage, bid the NDC farewell with the change gesture that got the crowed going frenzy.

Adwoa Sarfo, Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya, called for vigilance in Wednesday polls to ensure that nothing untoward happened to alter the results.

“After you cast your ballot, call your family and friends to keep vigil until the ballot is counted,” she charged party faithfuls.

Sammy Awuku, National Youth Organiser of the party, also charged members of the party not to relent on their efforts until victory is delivered.

“We have done all the campaign there is to do; all what is left is for you to finish hard with home visits and to encourage more people to vote for the NPP to seal off the victory”.

He encouraged party members to choose hope over fear and to police the ballot boxes until they are counted.

“Go and guard the ballot so events don’t take us by surprise,” he charged.

He took the opportunity to debunk claims that an NPP government will dismiss all new recruits in the various youth employment schemes.

“When we come, we will repackage the modules to ensure the youth are properly remunerated”.

The Youth Organiser of the PNC, Abu Ramadan, pledged his party’s alliance with the NPP.

He reiterated the importance of the coming elections as it is a destiny changer.

He appealed to all the other smaller parties to join forces with the NPP to wrestle power from the NDC.

Mr Peter MacManu, National Campaign Manager of the party, thanked party supporters for a successful campaign but urged all to seal victory by not resting until victory is won.

Alan Kyeremanteng also entreated all who have not as yet made up their minds on who to vote for in Wednesday’s election to consider Nana Addo as a better choice who has what it takes to change the country around.

“Look at your economic conditions and vote for nana Addo”

According to him, the NPP has demonstrated, over time, that it has the men and women to govern the country best. He recounted the success story of former President Kufuor to buttress his point.

Gospel musician Cindy Thompson and a host of other circular musicians set the atmosphere agog with electrifying performances.


graceSource: TheFinderonline