We resurrected 2 dead people in 2015 – Church of Pentecost


The Church of Pentecost has claimed that it brought two dead individuals back to life last year.

The purported miracle is contained in the 2015 annual report of the indigenous church.

“The church continued to experience the supernatural presence and workings of God in the form of miracles, signs and wonders. The dead were raised to life, the deaf and dumb were healed, the paralyzed received healing, the blind had their sight restored and the barren were blessed with fruit of the womb.

“Some of the notable ones included the following; in Lasssia Tuolu district in the Wa area, Elder Domare (a middle-aged man) was said to be dead in November 2015, while preparations was being made for his funeral, the district Overseer visited his residence. On reaching there, he directed that all the elders lay their hands on the body for prayers; commanding the dead to rise. To the glory of God, Elder Domare came back to life.

“In Mbonubo, a nine-year-old boy in the Yendi district died and was prayed for by the leadership and members of the Yendi local assembly. After hours of intensive prayer, the boy was brought back to life,” the miracle session of the report claimed.

The church is currently holding its 42nd annual general council meeting at its convention center at Gomoa Fette in the Central region.

Pentecost has a following in excess of over two million people making up about 8 percent of the Ghanaian population.


Source: starrfmonline.com

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