We Reject The US$10 Million 2016 Pesident John Mahama Diaries:- Return The Money Or Else – Taxpayers League – Ghana

hhhhhhTaxpayers League, Ghana (TLG) finds it outrageous, and a reckless use of public funds, revelations of President Mahama and his government using US$ 10 million of taxpayers money to print 2016 Diaries.

This, coming at a time when the nation faces dire economic straits, including a crushing public debt owed internationally and locally, is insensitive, and shows that this Government has no intention of putting a brake on it’s fiscal indiscipline.

As we speak, psychiatric nurses, trained teachers and others are owed a lot of money. We owe Nigeria for gas supplies. We owe the IMF. We owe African Development Bank. We owe just about anybody worth owing in the world. So much so that we have become an international laughing stock, yet we find it expedient to spend $10 Million on diaries?

Also, this contract did not go through the procurement process of competitive bidding but through sole sourcing, a mode of procurement which is invariably fraught with plain thievery and corruption.

Some few years back, this same government blew 1. 6 billion cedis in the name of buying christmas hampers for Journalists in Ghana, the monies which only ended in one person’s pocket. All Journalists came out to say they never received a single hamper yet nothing was done to retrieve the money.

Ghanaian taxpayers are tired of funding this corrupt government and sleeping in darkness, having no water to drink, and worse of all bad roads which takes lives day in and day out.

Taxpayers League, Ghana therefore urges President Mahama to stop the production of these Diaries and pay back the money to be used for meaningful projects that benefit the taxpayer.

The security agencies are also urged to make sure this huge amount is paid back to take care of the needs of the taxpayer.

If this is not done, we reserve the right to make sure we take all other measures for the long-suffering Ghanaian taxpayer to get his money back. Enough is enough.

source: modernghana.com

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