We need thinkers to solve ‘dumsor’, not demo – Nduom

The 2012 flagbearer of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom has said street protests are not the panacea to the irregular power supply in Ghana, but a long-term commitment to resolve the headache.

Lack of fuel from the West Africa Gas Pipeline Project in Nigeria to power thermal plants in Ghana, as well as low levels of water in the Bui, Kpong and Akosombo dams have sent Ghana into darkness as a load-shedding programme is being implemented.

The main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) staged a grand street protest last week to register the displeasure of Ghanaians over the erratic power situation popularly called ‘dumsor’.

According to Dr Nduom, the ‘Won Gbo’ demonstration of the NPP “has accomplished the result of making the Mahama-led Administration and the NDC party to take “Dum-Sor” seriously, publicly.”

“The President and top NDC party executives have come out publicly to show a certain serious acknowledgement of the “Dum-Sor” problems being experienced by everyone in the country.

“My concern here is that some of the leaders are worried not by the havoc being visited on businesses and homes but by the potential of this crisis to cause the NDC to lose power come 2016!”

The politician-cum-businessman called for tax incentives for those dealing in solar products in a Facebook post.

He added: “So what next, after this demonstration? Some NDC elements feeding on the threat of losing political power have planned to stage their own demonstrations to shore up the ruling government. NPP leaders have promised more demonstrations to push their displeasure about the conditions of life in Mahama’s Ghana. And the see-saw continues.

“Where are the solutions? Demonstrations and counter-Demonstrations without a determined unified commitment to debate and think through solutions will not get us anywhere.

“It is clear that “Dum-Sor” is not a short term problem. It requires clear thinking and a focus on solving the problems of BOTH power generation and distribution.

“What we need is a single purpose strategy to raise the funds needed – billions of dollars, not millions, chart a long-term course and implement it with leadership infused with a sense of urgency. In the short term, we need to provide incentives to cushion everyone as much as possible and kind, reassuring words from those in charge. Tax incentives for solar products, lower fuel prices and attention to the needs of businesses will help. Solutions, not more partisan political action focused on 2016!” Nduom said.

Source : starrfmonline.com