We don’t hate homosexuals, we hate their union – Palmer Buckle

image2-600x330Most Rev. Charles Gabriel Palmer Buckle, Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, has sought to clarify that the outrage Christians have expressed over gay issues is not because they hate them, but rather, their union.

He made the statement on Friday, during the opening ceremony of the First Biennial Grand Convention of the Knights of St. John International (KSJI), Accra East Grand Commandery and Ladies Auxiliary, held at the Central University College, Miotso, in the Greater Accra Region.He was speaking on the theme, “The family and the new evangelization, the role of the Knight.

Most Rev. Palmer Buckle stressed, “Homosexual union means we don’t want humanity to continue”, explaining that, marriage between a man and a woman results in the creation of a family through child birth for humanity to continue.

He added that children, who would be adopted by people in homosexual unions, would be exposed and trained to engage in homosexuality and, therefore, must not be encouraged.

Children, he said, have the right to a male and female parent and, therefore, charged society to provide the needed protection to children against being exposed to such aggressive unions such as homosexuality.

The Metropolitan Archbishop, however, stated “we are not against homosexuals as they are created in the image of God, but we hate their union.”

He cautioned homosexuals against calling their union marriage, as according to him “we cannot accept their union as marriage; marriage must always be between a man and a woman as God created it.”

Most Rev. Palmer Buckle charged Christians to think seriously about the happenings of the world especially things against the family.

“Humanity is opening a can of worms which will soon become snakes that would devour you and me”, he emphasized.

Brigadier General Anthony Chinebuah, the Accra East Grand President of the KSJI, in a welcome address, said the theme challenges members to evaluate their lives with the family carefully as the focal point.

Brig. Gen. Chinebuah said as they converge, they should demonstrate their love for one another as true knights and set a shining example of themselves to the world as a whole.

Mr Joseph Odartey Blankson, Vice President of the Central University College, said it was about time “Christianity is exported to Europe”.

Mr Blankson explained that even though Europeans introduced Africans to Christianity some 500 years ago, only five percent of their population is currently Christians.

He stated that the need for Christianity to be exported back to Europe could not be over-emphasized due to the happenings there.

source: citifmonline.com