We are supplying unsafe water to Ghanaians

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) which was established to be a world class utility company delivering quality and acceptable services based on their distinctive competence and best practices in the water industry is not just being riddled with serious financial mismanagement but now in a mass murder venture.

If the latest and shocking confession by the production staff of the life-holding Company is established to be truthful, then President Mahama has more to do with the leadership of the company than just letting heads roll.

The confession which was channelled through a petition to the Board of the company by its production staff have it that all along, for over three years now, the company has been pumping unwholesome water to unsuspecting consumers.

The petition states that the water they have been supplying to Ghanaians for the past three years is not safe for drinking.

According to the 59 production staff at the Weija headworks , their shocking is engineered by frustrations as there is lack of maintenance of production machinery.

They also made it known that there no availability of certain chemicals to produce safe water for drinking yet the company forces that water down the throats of Ghanaians everyday especially residents of the Greater Accra Region.

According to them, the two plants required to minimize chemical levels before supply have been without lime dousing facilities since May 2011. Chlorinators at the plant have also broken down. They as staff are therefore compelled to use low grade calcium hypochlorite as the main disinfectant to treat water.

They furthered that the hard water is resulting in rusting of the pipelines – a situation that can pass on cancerous substances through the taps unsuspecting Ghanaians adding that the water flowing through taps of Ghanaians for drinking does not meet the WHO standard.

The workers believe the PURC’s decision not to grant a tariff increase in its fourth quarter review on 30th September could be because of the low quality water being supplied to the public.

The petition also lists several other water production machinery that have broken down at various facilities in the country due to lack of maintenance.

The workers blame the situation on the company’s Managing Director, who they claim lacks vision.

Under his leadership, the petition said there has been serious decline in revenue due to the Managing Director’s inability to raise the needed revenue to maintain their equipment.

source : The Crystal Clear Lens