We Are Solidly Behind LMVC Alliance – Concerned Ghanaians-USA

12665419.295Over the weekend, Ghananewsmedia.com got in touch with the Director of Operations of the Concerned Ghanaians – USA, Kwame Agyemang-Budu to seek the reaction of his group on the response of the EC to the clarion call for a new voters register of which they have been actively involved.

Without mincing words, the dynamic demo organizer stated that he and his group are very disappointed in the response of the EC in the face of all the evidence that have been put before them. He said stance of the EC does not promote consensus building which is key in ensuring peace in our country during 2016 elections. He was quick to add that they are least surprise at the EC’s conduct; appearing adamant to all calls from political parties (other than the NDC) civil societies, and pressure groups such as Let My Vote Count (LMVC) Alliance. He said such reckless posture by the EC boss, Charlotte Osei shows the lines of dictate of the Mahama government to the EC which in his opinion is tantamount to political unrest in the country.

Kwame Budu told Ghananewsmedia.com that the group followed keenly the discussion of the forum organized by the EC to examine the concerns raised about the existing voter register and came to the conclusion that, but for the rascality of the EC, there is no way the existing voters register should be used for the impending 2016 elections. It is just unacceptable, he fumed.

The operations director hinted that Concerned Ghanaians –USA are not perturbed by the actions and inactions of the EC in their response to LMVC Alliance. He said his group will continue to demonstrate fervently against the presence of John Mahama and his cronies at any international platform in the USA. He added that they will continue to protest to the international community about the dangers lurking in the political atmosphere for Ghana should the existing voters register be used for the impending 2016 elections. He stated that they will let investors and donor agencies know the volatile situation that Ghana finds herself.

Concerned Ghanaians – USA through their operations director indicated to Ghananewsmedia.com that the group is in full support of the position taken by the LMVC Alliance to further seek legal redress of the concerns they have raised over the discredited voters register. Kwame Budu encouraged members of the LMVC Alliance and others civil societies in the fight for electoral decency and fairness to continuously be resolute and firm in their fight for the love our country. He however appealed to the conscience of the EC boss, Charlotte Osei to put the love of country above serving her appointers and other parochial interests. He said it is better for the EC to listen and act in accordance with the will of the majority of Ghanaians than reduce our beloved country into a state of pandemonium in the not too distant future.

Next Monday, the Operations Director of Concerned Ghanaians-USA, Kwame Agyemang-Budu will be travelling to Ghana to meet with the leaders of LMVC Alliance and render the unwavering support of his group to the alliance as they take the next step to seek legal remedy about the existing bloated and foreigners-infiltrated voters register of Ghana.

It must be noted that Concerned Ghanaians – USA have been part of the clarion call for the demand of a new voters register ahead of 2016 elections. They have been behind most demonstrations that have rocked John Mahama and his government at all times that they have visited the USA. Concerned Ghanaians – USA is an anti-corruption group that seeks social, political and economic justice for all Ghanaians!

God Bless Our Homeland, Ghana!

Amponsah Stonash

source: ghanaweb.com

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