Water shortage: Obo residents drink from gutter


Obo, a town in the Kwahu South District of the Eastern Region, has been severely hit by an acute water crisis, with residents resorting to scooping water from gutters for drinking, cooking and other purposes.

 They have, therefore, called on the government to urgently come to their aid.

Class FM’s McAnthony Dagyenga chanced on the poor residents, who had, in their hundreds, formed long queues at separate spots waiting and hoping to scoop puddles of drain water home.

Some were seen in dried up streams and other water bodies, as well as in gutters, while others stood beneath rocks, hoping water drained from them so they could fetch some home.

Some also waited all day, but ended up getting only half a bucket of the gutter water for their homes.

They complained that they had had inadequate potable water since December 2015, saying that they had been compelled to put up with queuing with their buckets, gallons, and pans daily in search of unhygienic water.

Yaa Adwubi, a resident, lamented: “We have no other source of water except this. Last night at about 9pm, when I fetched some, it contained maggots. Please we need urgent help.”

Another resident also said: “From 6am to 6pm, we stand in the gutter to fetch the water for all our domestic uses. So, please come and save us.”

The Assembly Member for the Obo Ohantrase-Bronoso Electoral Area, Kwame Sefa, expressed worry that for over 12 years, water had never flowed through taps in the area.

 He said residents relied on boreholes and wells “but due to the dry weather, the water has dried up resulting in water scarcity here”.

Kwame Sefa said he had lodged complaints at the district water company but they had been lackadaisical in addressing the issue. He, however, explained that he was yet to formally report the matter to the District Chief Executive.

Joseph Omari Sasu, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Kwahu South, confirmed the area had grappled with the challenge previously, but was adamant the water situation in Obo had improved.

He doubted Obo was facing a water crisis, but said he needed to consult the district water company for an update on the situation.

“And you saw them scooping water from gutters? If there is a water problem at Obo then it’s supposed to be a general issue on the (Kwahu) ridge,” the DCE suggested.

“I will gather everything and brief you when I get the water manager.”

Source: ClassFMonline

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