‘Wait on God for your needs’


Founder and Leader of New Life Kingdom Chapel International, Bishop Stephen Akwasi Appiah, has advised Christians to work hard to make a living for themselves and not depend on any government for their needs.

“If you make up your mind to work hard, there will be no need complaining bitterly about the current state of the economy, hence using it as an excuse to blame government for your problems.

“…if you continue to depend on them, then I am sorry to say that no government will be able to meet your wants,” the man of God asserted.

Prophet Appiah made the advice during last Tuesday’s prayer and deliverance service where he advised Christians to wait on God for their heart desires and not employ dubious ways to acquire money.

He warned that “Do not consult any shrine, or joining occult groups or even engaging in unlawful acts like armed robbery, killing including cheating people just to achieve their selfish gains which the Bible abhors.”

According to him, Christians of today must have faith in God and trust him to deliver them from every obstacle, afflictions and satanic bondages, particularly plans of the enemies.

He stressed the need for them to believe in the God they serve and know that their prayers actually work.

He again tasked Christians to practice the act of perseverance, patience, obedience to the word of God and wait for God’s appointed time to bless them.

“You all must desist from walking in ungodly ways to acquire earthly power or wealth which is short-lived and can lead them to destruction to the extent of inflicting God’s wrath on them,” Prophet Appiah stressed.

The man of God cautioned Christians against seeking help from principalities or deities for their healing since it is better to die in the house of God and go to Heaven than for a fetish priest to cure “you of your sickness and miss heaven.”


Source: Today NewsPaper

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