Vodafone launches campaign to win more customers


To cement its resilient network reputation, Vodafone Ghana, has issued an open invitation to Ghanaians to move to its network and experience top notch Voice clarity,’ ‘3G+ internet speed’ and value-driven packages.

The porting campaign dubbed #MOVE is a special opportunity for non-Vodafone customers to move to the company for better treatment and service. Since entering Ghana’s telecom sector in 2008, Vodafone has invested over US$700 million to improve its technology infrastructure in line with current trends.

The robust network has increased Vodafone’s capacity to accommodate more customers who switch to the network for world-class service and value for money.

Commenting on the packages available for new customers, Agnes Emefa-Essah, Director of Marketing at Vodafone Ghana said: “In every competitive telecommunications environment worldwide, the network is the key differentiator.

For us at Vodafone, our network and superior offerings are our differentiators. Customers everywhere are welcome to port to Vodafone to experience a unique service.

It is our bold commitment to the people of this country.” Vodafone’s network resilience and stability, was endorsed by a 2015 report by independent consulting firm P3, which ranked it as the best in voice clarity, accessibility and 3G+ internet speed. The research measured parameters including call set-up, speech quality as well as downloads and uploads speed.


Credit: Vodafone Ghana 

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