Vodafone holds Internet of Things workshop


CIMG Telecom Company of the Year, Vodafone Ghana has organised a one-day ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) workshop to showcase Vodafone’s readiness for new frontiers in the technology space.

Internet of Things helps machines and devices to connect to each other and communicate, providing a transformational tool on how people run their businesses and lives.

Vodafone IoT service covers some of the most crucial areas of the economy including health, transport, logistics, banking, utilities and security.

Commenting on the new opportunities Ghana is yet to experience in the IoT market, Matt Hatton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Machina Research said: “Vodafone Ghana’s IoT service provides businesses with centrally hosted secure self-service which delivers authentic and access control, near real-time usage, and management of any global SIM.

Our solutions promise to deliver usage at ‘near’ real time – meaning, 1/10th of milliseconds will provide that information to you. That is life saving enough”.

Mr Hatton said businesses can now manage four networks on just one Vodafone SIM with Vodafone Ghana’s IoT services.

internet of things

“This is definitely the start of a revolution that would certainly help companies in the country move to the next level of performance and make them more results-oriented.

The world of work as we know it will never be the same again and organizations that fail to adopt such technologies would eventually be left behind in the competitive game”.

Addressing business owners, experts and developers, decision makers, Angela Mensah Bonsu, Head of Vodafone Business Solutions said IoT is cementing Vodafone’s offering in Ghana exceeding its deliverables across varied and multiple sectors in Ghana.

“As a clear market leader in the Enterprise space in Ghana’s telecommunications sector, we cannot rest on our laurels – we want to further entrench this position and continue to lead the way and iOT will help us in this direction”, she said.

Globally, Vodafone is ranked the best in M2M with about 21.5 million SIMs currently connecting assets in various industries in the world.


Source: Vodafone