Virginia Event-All Nations Church Inaugurates Branch in Virginia

All Nations Church

The All Nations Church, Virginia branch which started in 2012 was officially inaugurated on November 2, 2014 by the General Overseer Rev. Dr. Frank Ofosu-Appiah. The 3 day inaugural event which was held at the Hilton Hotel in Springfield, Virginia started with an evening service on Friday October 31 at which the General overseer and Founder charged the congregation and guests to be focused and have a vision in their daily endeavors.

Rev. David Gyawu the resident Pastor in Virginia recounted how he stepped down from leadership in a local church and answered a call from God to establish a branch of All Nations Church in Virginia. Rev. Gyawu recalled his first encounter with Rev. Dr. Ofosu Appiah many years ago in Ghana and followed his work until he was led to approach him for permission to establish a branch of his ministry in Virginia. He also reviewed the activities of the Church in the last two years and expressed his appreciation to his wife Nana Yaa and the rest of the congregation for their perseverance and patience until the Lord finally blessed them with a permanent place of worship at 4934 B Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria , Virginia. He quoted Isaac Newton “ I have seen further by standing on the shoulder of giants “

The ceremony continued on Saturday November 1st with a leadership and relationship seminar which provided a forum for Pastors, ministers, church and business leaders to sharpen their leadership skills, mentor, network, and build meaningful Connections with Other leaders.

The three day event was climaxed with the inauguration service and ordination of Rev. David Gyawu on Sunday November 2nd.

In attendance were a host of ministers and members from the various branches of the All Nations Church and Living Springs Ministries Worldwide.
The Judah praise singers treated the congregation to a number of songs after which Minister Kamah Thoronkah swept the congregation on their feet with a song from her latest album titled ‘My testimony”.

Rev. Joe Asmah, who pastors the New Jersey branch and MC of the day’s event could not be left out as he also treated the congregation to a number of songs.

Before the main speaker was introduced Mrs. Mary Ofosu Appiah used the opportunity to welcome and appreciate all the guests who had travelled to be part of the service and encouraged everyone to make the best of out of the event. Dr. Frank Ofosu-Appiah, delivered the sermon for the Inauguration which was titled

“ The call of God”.

From the book of Jonah 1:1, he likened the story of Jonah to a story of redemption where humanity has a tendency to run away from God rather than Obeying Him.

He said “Jesus came to build a bridge between humanity and God. “ He emphasized that God has a plan for everybody’s life and that he created us for a relationship with him because even before humanity was born he knew him with a quote from Jeremiah 1 and 5. “ God has called us to salvation and everyone has a call in the service of God.”

He said people run away from God for various reasons including fear and past mistakes. However the past does not matter but the future. In his words “The vessel may be imperfect but the call is always perfect “ . He charged that if people run away from God they forfeit his presence. He also urged the congregation to use their various talents to service in the house of God. “ God calls us to salvation and sets us up for sanctification”
He concluded his message by affirming that “it is not how you die but who you die in “

A his message Rev. Dr. Frank Ofosu –Appiah Ordained Rev. David Gyawu with all the privileges thereto as a minister of the Gospel under the umbrella of All Nations Churches Worldwide with a charge to diligently work for the Kingdom of God. All the ministers joined him to lay hands and pray for Rev. and Mrs. Gyawu after which he was presented with a certificate of ordination.
Other ministers who attended the inauguration were, Rev. and Mrs. Asmah, Rev. and Mrs. Solomon Dwira, Rev. and Mrs. Aboagye Kumi, Rev. and Mrs. Dampare, Rev. and Mrs. Osei Addo, Rev. Mrs. Mrs. Daniel Somuah, Rev. and Mrs. Senya, Rev. and Mrs. Asmah, Rev. Muriel Vanderpuye, Rev. and Mrs. McCauley, and Rev. Harry Agyeman, Rev. Kojo Bioh And many others.
All Nations Church which has its head branch in Norcross in the state of Georgia was founded by Rev. Dr. Frank Frank Ofosu-Appiah. He is also the General Overseer of the Living Springs International Churches where he has apostolic oversight over several churches and organizations across the world. With a call to ministry beginning in 1981, Pastor Frank has drawn on his apostolic and pastoral mantle to impact countless churches, leaders and individuals. His ministry crosses boundaries of ethnicity, class, gender, and denomination.

source : Afrikan Post