Video: Anas exposes Nigeria’s fake doctors

Anas Aremeyaw Anas together with another investigative journalist in Nigeria, Rosemary Nwaebuni, have undertaken another investigation concerning the activities of fake doctors in Nigeria.

The main objective of this investigation is to bring out hard evidence of some illegal activities of quack doctors and unauthorized hospitals which is appalling in the country.

Anas who is a Ghanaian undercover journalist exposed the activities of a “quack” doctor in Ghana who carried out abortion on vulnerable young girls and had sex with them, earlier this year.

In Nigeria, the activities of the fake doctors have been awful since it has resulted in the death of most vulnerable young girls in the country. Most of the fake doctors and nurses do not have knowledge of the right instrument to use for diagnosis or the right medication to give to a patient that can cure the illness.

It was revealed that, some women have also engaged in such act where some also act as nurses and provide wrong medications to people to collect money.

These fake doctors in Nigeria are causing more harm in the lives of vulnerable persons and collecting money from them.

They exploit the innocence, ignorance and desperation of the poorest and most vulnerable people in society who needs medical attention and provide wrong medications to collect money.

The videos and other evidence were sent to Dr Alfred Ebiakofa, a Senior Medical Officer working for the Nigerian Ministry of Health, where an effective plan was taken to arrest one of Nigeria’s fake doctors caught in the act.

Watch Video below

Source : Dorcas Aba Annan | GhanaWeb