Venomous snakes invade Ejisu Municipality; residents blame angry gods


Venomous snakes in their hundreds have invaded two communities in the Ejisu Municipality causing fear and panic among the people.

The black snakes that started invading the Essienimpong and Kwaaso four days ago usually come around from 7pm and increase in number and the darkness increases.  They are usually found around walls of rooms and kitchen and bathrooms. Others are on the road.

A house visited by Daily Graphic team killed 67 snakes;  21 from four bed rooms,  16 in washroom, and the rest on the compound.

It became worse Wednesday night when the lights went off. Most of the members of the community, especially the youth, protected themselves with Wellington boots and went from house to house killing the snakes.


Some residents in the communities attribute the snake invasion to the gods, while others also believe that it is due to the onset of the rain.

According to one Kwaku Nti, in recent times the youth have been having sex in the bush, infuriating the gods to send the snakes that move in groups of five and six.

Fear-gripped chop bar owner, Abena Anosowaa, who operates a popular chop bar in the Essienimpong, said she no longer felt safe sleeping in her house, after about 15 snakes were killed there.

She said her children and friends also killed more than 10 snakes in her chop bar, called Sankwan.


Richard Boampong said after killing 63 snakes on Tuesday and 34 on Wednesday, he had moved his family to Kumasi.

No one has been bitten by any of the snakes



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