Veep makes case for investment in Ghana

Amissah Arthur Governor BoG

Vice President Paa Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur on Tuesday, November 4 met captains of industries in the Indian capital of New Delhi for a business talk.

The session was organised on the sidelines of the ongoing India Economic Summit under the auspices of the Confedration of Indian Industry (CII).

Vice President Amissah-Arthur talked up Ghana’s disposition as regards investment in Africa.

“You shouldn’t see Ghana as a small country of 26 million people with a workforce of 12 million people but you should see Ghana in the context of ECOWAS,” he told the dozens of business professionals.

“Ghana is a country that has no ethnic tensions. We haven’t had a civil war even though we live in a very turbulent part of Africa.”

He pointed out that the energy sector and infrastructural deficit pose the greatest challenges to Ghana’s development.

“Infrastructure especially in transport and roads [as well as] in energy, we know then that we will be able to provide the basis for the private sector to continue to produce and thrive.”

Minister of State in charge of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Alhaji Rashid Pelpuo also told the gathering about new opportunities in store for potential investors.

India has been the second largest investor in Ghana with its total investment hitting billions of dollars in 2012.

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