Vatican steps into ebola fight

Appiah Turkson New

The Vatican has put together a plan to help fight the ebola contagion in parts of West Africa.

Head of the office for Justice and Peace at the Vatican Cardinal Peter Turkson recently visited the West African countries hit by the deadly viral disease.

He told Joy News education and infrastructure among others are key to dealing with the ebola disease.

“Our office decided to put together a small action plan that would concretize the post concern for the ebola countries,” he said.

In an unrelated development, the only surviving Ghanaian Cardinal, Peter Appiah Turkson, whose name came up last year during the selection of a Pope but who was not chosen has admitted he was scared of being announced new Pope.

In an interview with Joy News’ Francisca Kakra Forson at the Noguchi Memorial Institute, he explained what was going through his mind at the time.

“Anxious yes. I was anxious because of the way people were throwing out my name about…it could be and that gets scary, if you have taken care of a group of 20 and it gets magnified, million times, then you will realize [how scary it is]…”

He said, “I wasn’t even looking for it, people thought they were praying for me and I kept telling them that you don’t know how much I was praying against it.”

He said the prayers should have been directed at the Church for “God to provide us with a leader that we need”.

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