Update: Faulty compressor at jubilee field fixed, gas supply on course

The machine used to transport gas from the Jubilee fields to the Gas Processing Plant at Atuabo in the Western Region, has been fixed.

The compressor broke down on Sunday night after it resumed operations following a similar halt in operations on Saturday. There are fears this could affect fuel supply to power producers in the coming days if not fixed in the shortest possible time.

Those working on the Gas Infrastructure project at Atuabo were worried the development was going to affect their ability to deliver gas to the country’s power generation firms like the VRA and other independent power producers.

But that fear is no more since the faulty compressor has been fixed.

Sources say although the gas infrastructure project can release 140 million standard cubic feet of gas per day, it’s being forced to supply just 54 million because some of VRA’s machines are said not to be in good shape to receive the full quantity.

Meanwhile, some electricity consumers have been experiencing slight improvements in their electricity supply. This is because some 220 megawatts of power from CENIT and TICO have been added to the national grid over the past few days.

The addition has increased available power for supply to between 1,440 to 1650 megawatts.

Source : tv3network.com