Univ. of Ghana Launches Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

EquipmentImage_672The University of Ghana on Wednesday launched a $1.5 million Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer to facilitate the delivery of quality research in its chemistry department.

The instrument, one of its kinds in sub-Saharan Africa, would help support undergraduate and graduate training and create enabling environment to help make the University a centre of attraction for cutting edge research and high quality teaching.

It would also help compliment the work of global agencies such as the Ghana Standard Authority, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medicinal Research and Mampong Centre for Scientific Research.

Prof R. Kingsford-Adaboh, Head of Chemistry Department said the university was poised to be counted among global universities of repute.

“It is therefore striving to enhance its capacity to deliver quality education and research, offering collaborative links with academia and industry,” he added.

Source: GNA