Unite under Nkrumaists to win political power – Samia

Chairman and Leader of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Ms Samia Nkrumah, has challenged Ghanaians to unite under the leadership of avowed Nkrumaists to win political power and implement Nkrumaist development policies to lift Ghana out of dependency, economic mismanagement and injustice.

“The manner in which we have run our economy for decades since Nkrumah’s exit is the most serious threat to our development,” she pointed out.

In a statement to mark the 43 years after the demise of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, Ms Samia Nkrumah said “Nkrumah’s economic planning focus on manufacturing, on education and skills development must be revived.”

Forty-three years ago, Ghana and Africa lost Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah a few years after the overthrow of the Nkrumah government in 1966 and many nearly lost hope that Ghana would never be able to recapture the opportunity to gain her economic independence as a nation.

Ms Nkrumah said the foundation President Nkrumah left for us to own and retain control of our development process must be built on.

With Nkrumaist patriotic principles guiding our decision making, Ms Nkrumah said “we will want to do away with structural adjustment polices. We will abandon the obsession with inflation targeting and focus on employment creation by supporting our manufacturing sector.”

In her view, with the return of Nkrumah’s reasoning, Ghana would not be a beggar nation under the CPP.

She said when we borrow, we will borrow to finance investments in the productive sectors of our economy and not to support the exchange rate and balance of payments.

She said that Nkrumaists would create the environment for inclusive growth whose benefit would be shared among the population fairly and not only enjoyed by a few but by many some of whom could be outside the continent.

To the youth of Ghana today, who never experienced the positive impact of Nkrumah’s policies, she pointed out that Nkrumah represented their only hope for better opportunities.

She said Nkrumah represented hope for Ghanaians but argued that “for this hope to become a reality, Ghana needs a CPP government in 2016.”

Direction and vision

“The CPP’s time has come. Our people are opening their hearts and minds to us and we, on our part, are ready to give direction and vision,” she stated.

Additionally and fortunately for Africans everywhere, she said Kwame Nkrumah left a body of work that articulated his philosophy and ideology for freedom from exploitation, injustice and poverty.

“Today, we draw strength from the relevance of Nkrumah’s vision to recapture the strategies that realised the Akosombo Dam, the Tema Harbour and township, hundreds of integrated industries, a de-tribalised society and the pacemaker nation in world affairs. Today, we do not mourn Nkrumah; rather, we are rising to rally all Ghanaians to join us to bring Nkrumah’s mind and thinking back to power in Ghana,” she stated.

Source : Graphic Online