UK: Ghanaians panic over new migrant law


Ghanaians living in the United Kingdom (UK) are in a panic over possible deportation as the Conservative Party has proposed a tough law against illegal immigrants.

The bill, which is intended to reduce the pull factor for economic migrants from outside the European Union to Britain will also criminalise migrants and institute tougher punishments on individuals who travel to Britain illegally as well as those who have overstayed the approved duration of their visas.

UK-based Ghanaian journalist Nana Ansah Obofuor told Class News the proposed law has created unease among the African community, particularly Ghanaians.

“There is fear among the Ghanaian community because a lot of the Ghana people here are on the visiting visa, which is six months or one year, which means after expiration, they have to return to Ghana. Not Ghanaians alone, but Africans in a larger picture. It is not new because anytime the Conservatives are in power, there is immigration panic. The Labour Party, I must say, favours the black people.”

He, however, said opinion is divided between the Conservatives and the Labour Party, which strongly opposes the move.

“The Labour Party is not in support and has rejected it and even some members in the Conservative Party, led by David Cameron, are also kicking against it, citing racism,” he stated.

Ghanaians in the UK are lamenting the proposed law. They say the bill, if passed, would complicate the already harsh immigration policy.

“If the bill before the House of Commons is passed, it is going to affect a lot of people. To be honest, nowadays if you want to get accommodation the landlord will certify if you are allowed to be in the country. Before, it wasn’t like that and all nationals are affected,” a Ghanaian in the UK said on condition of anonymity.

Another person also indicated that: “You are allowed to go for any job that you want, but these days it is not like that. Nowadays, everywhere you go, you will see immigration officers and they are making life here very tough, it is not anything that can be joked about.”


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