Two Years after prison; Prophet One Touch tells his story

Prophet One Touch

Prophet Kofi Yirenkyi, aka Jesus One Touch, the popular Christian leader who was sentenced to a ten-year jail term after the court found him guilty of defiling his ten-year-old daughter but who was later freed when fresh evidence proved he was innocent, has opened up on the incident two years after his release.

Prophet One Touch, founder of the Jesus Blood Prophetic Ministry, has said the mother of his daughter, who he claimed masterminded the plot to get him jailed, has died and that his trip to jail and back has made him tougher and made his church bigger.

“I count it all joy. Whether I was set up or not, it was all good. What I can say is that the lady who instigated this entire scheme against me is dead. Yes. She is dead. I prayed to God to let me die if I was guilty; and everyone who followed the case remembers this prayer on the day I was jailed. I am alive and the woman I accused of plotting this has died. As for my daughter, I am praying for the day she would come out and speak the whole truth. I am ready to forgive her,” Prophet One Touch revealed in an exclusive interview with Papa Richie on his popular midnight Christian show, ‘Gospel Hitz’, on Hitz 103.9 FM.

Prophet One Touch said while in prison, he met many persons who had been falsely accused and were in jail for offences they never committed.

“When you are accused falsely, there is no need to commit suicide. Don’t hate yourself, don’t give up. Just hold on to your faith and know that truth cannot be hidden forever and your shame would not be forever,” One Touch added.

I Showed My Penis In Court.

Prophet One Touch told the host of the show, Papa Richie, known in private life as Richmond De-Graft Johnson, that during the trial he had to strip naked at a point to prove his innocence.

“The medical report said my daughter’s hymen had been broken. But there was also a medical opinion that countless factors could cause the break of a girl’s hymen. Another medical opinion said my daughter’s hymen had been broken all right but it could not be penetrated by even a finger. I had to strip naked in court for all to see that my penis is big and if I had indeed had sex with my daughter, how come her vagina could not be penetrated by even a ring finger?” Prophet One Touch explained.

Pregnancy Was Denied Me

“If what I am about to tell you is a lie, may the God who created Heaven and earth curse me with all the curses in the Bible. Many people heard I had slept with my daughter. That was a lie. If I had indeed done that, I should be cursed with a sickness no one can cure.

When I was staying in my village, I was not married by then but I impregnated a certain lady. When the pregnancy came, her parents said I was not responsible for the pregnancy because I was jobless and was sleeping in a wooden kiosk.

But when I came to Accra, I started to prosper, and got married to another woman. I bought my cars, and life was going on well for me. Four years later, they brought a young girl to me and said she is my daughter and that I should take the girl. I knew it was my daughter, so I accepted her and sent her to my sister’s place even before I told my wife of what had happened.

The little girl continued to stay with my sister but at age six, she was still bedwetting and was therefore brought to me. Her mother came to the house in my absence and took the girl away without seeking permission from anyone or informing anyone. Her education was even cut short. I complained, but the mother kept threatening me.

A few days later, I had an invitation to the police station. They said I had defiled my daughter. It became a huge case and it even became evident that when my daughter was staying with me, my watchman was sexually abusing her. The watchmen even run away.

Before I realised, I had been locked up in police cells and it was all over in the media that I had had sex with my daughter. I was behind bars for a whole year. We kept moving to and from the court.

Before God Called Me

I was a seaman before God called me. I have done a lot of works. I have sold firewood, I have sold cigarette, herbal medicine, cassava, yam and kenkey. I did not go to school much but I also did not want to remain poor. I was sleeping in a kiosk by then but I knew one day I would be somebody.

I was a heavy smoker and I was on my way to a public toilet one day when I saw a Bible on the floor. I started reading and my life changed since then.

We did not have a toilet facility in our house and I was not having money to pay for a public toilet so I went to the bush anytime I wanted to ease myself. After that, I would look for a paper or piece of cloth to clean up. One day, I was in the bush on one of those occasions when I saw a piece of cloth I thought I could use to clean up. I tried picking the cloth but realised it had stuck into the ground. I pulled harder and realised the cloth was bigger than just a piece. By the time I pulled out the whole thing, I realised it was a pastoral gown. It was in the bush and I did not know how it got there. That gown is still with me today. (He breaks down and starts weeping)

Anytime I wore that gown, I could see things. I realised God had called me to do his work. I started my church with 10 people and that is what has become Jesus Blood Prophetic Ministry.

source : Daily Guide