Two Rwandan genocide suspects extradited by the Netherlands


Two Rwandan genocide suspects living in the Netherlands are now in the custody of Rwandan authorities in the capital Kigali after their extradition Saturday night.

After several judicial proceedings to try Jean-Claude Iyamuremye and Jean-Baptiste Mugimba in the Hague, the suspects lost their case in July at the Hague Court of Appeal and were extradited per the request of Rwandan authorities.

The handcuffed men were received by Rwandan police officers at the Kigali airport in the presence of the media.

40-year-old Jean-Claude Iyamuremye is accused of having participated in a notorious massacre near the Official Technical School (ETO) outside the capital Kigali on April 11, 1994.

57-year-old Jean-Baptiste Mugimba is accused of attacking Tutsis in a neighbourhood of Kigali.

The two suspects lived in the Netherlands with their wives and children after the genocide in 1994 which saw some 800,000 people, mostly from Rwanda’s Tutsi minority, killed.


Source: Africanews