Truthfulness is lost in our Nation – Rev David Asare

presThe Reverend David Asare, Former District Minister of the Presbyterian Church, at the weekend bemoaned the lack of truthfulness in the country.

He blamed the increasing corrupt practices and corruption of the lack of truthfulness rather than being faithful stewards of God, saying: “Corruption has become part and parcel of us, it has become normal.”

Rev Asare was the guest preacher at the thanksgiving service to climax the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Mount Moriah Retreat and Prayer centre at Danfa.

He was speaking on the theme: “Faithfulness to the End.”

Citing examples, he said, he recently went to apply for a passport and apart from the hassle of successfully putting in the application, after the scheduled three-month, his passport was still not ready, “upon further enquiry I was asked to pay about six hundred cedis before I could get a passport for myself and my wife.”

Rev Asare said due to corruption and lack of truthfulness, many parents whose children have even passed the required grade to enter secondary school now have to struggle.

“I know a teacher who was transferred because he insisted on the right things being done when it comes to admission.”

He said: “We need to break the vicious cycle of untruthfulness and be steadfast in faith and in serving the Lord.”

Rev Asare also made reference to the missionaries who brought Christianity to Ghana and said many suffered even to the point of death but did not give up, mentioning Ghanaians like Akrofi and Theophilus Opoku, who dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel.

He advised that as Christians we need to overlook our personal weaknesses and be ready to “die” for the gospel.

He pointed out that there are people who are still suffering persecution for the sake of the gospel but stressed the need for faithfulness even in the face if persecution, saying God would crown those who endure to the end with His glory.

“The word of God is still alive,” he said and noted that these days’ people want “quick fixes” they are not ready to remain faithful and truthful to God, hence moving from one prayer camp to other seeking quick breakthroughs, saying the emphasis is gradually drifting from the gospel.

Rev Asare urged Christians to rededicate themselves to God pledging to be faithful to Him no matter what and look up to Jesus Christ.

The Reverend Daniel Kwesi Ayim, Director of the Mount Moriah Retreat and Prayer Centre who led the congregation to pray for the nation, said the centre is the also the Ga Presbytery Prayer Centre

The centre is opened 24 hours for individuals and group prayer and organises prayer sessions every Wednesday.

He urged all Ghanaians to visit the centre to see the hand of the Lord at work in their lives.


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