True Elegance And Style…Meet BRENDA, Graduate Of Riohs Originate Fashion School

brenda 1It is that time of the year when first batch of semi-annual students are completing their course. Of course, we found it an exhilarating experience. Accordingly, we would like to present one of our brightest students during that time.

You meet Brenda Cosma Dzandu, a most dynamic individual.

She probably has the most skilled pair of hands that we’ve ever had the chance to guide. When she’s not busily practicing her sewing techniques, you’ll find her in the kitchen showing off some culinary skills.

Over the course period however, we did notice her enthusiasm whenever we worked with fabrics. “I have a passion for fabrics. It amazes me how dynamic they are and how you can use the simplest ones to create outstanding designs”, she claims. We believe her.

When it comes to her goals, she wants to establish her own leading fashion brand as well as getting to learn from other top notch designers.We wish you all the best.

Bravo Brenda!