Traders at Madina market surrender palm oil gallons to FDB for examination

817316218_324708Vendors of palm oil in the Madina market have voluntarily handed over gallons of palm oil to the Foods and Drugs Authority to test if they are safe for human consumption.

This has come in the wake of reports some vendors have been adulterating palm oil with Sudan IV, a cancer causing dye to give it a more attractive color.

Head of food safety management at the FDA Maria Aba Lovelace-Johnson says vendors whose products fail the test would face sanctions.

“When we find that they have a Sudan dye we will really let the law apply to them.

“You know the law Act 851, the Public Health Act 2012 states categorically that if you adulterate food it is an offence.

“If you put into food any substance that is poisonous or injurious to health you have committed an offence,” she explained.

Secretary of the Palm Oil Sellers Association at the Madina market Sandra Danso says they will continue to subject their product to the FDA for regular inspection

“We don’t know whether they have mixed it with Sudan dye, that is why we are bringing all out.

“From next week they will bring the new ones and we will invite the Food and Drugs Authority to come and test if it still has sudan dye,” she said.


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