Top Model Bre Scullark: My Natural Hair is Not a Trend

Before it was trendy, before it became this “new phenomenon”, my natural hair was and still is, who I am. My natural hair is so much more than a break from chemically processed and damaged hair. It is so much more than a liberation from the monotony of long body wave weaves and sleek flat ironed hair. My natural hair signifies my life’s journey and my redefinition of spiritual beauty.

For many, the process of becoming natural is new and exciting. There are so many communities that are ready and willing to embrace these newbies.

Having been natural almost my entire life, it was just as much a part of me as the pigment of my skin. There was no separation between the texture of my hair and the skin on my bones. We just were. It wasn’t until I underwent two big chops involuntarily that I hit an emotional bottom. I can clearly remember looking at myself in the mirror and feeling so displeased with my reflection. I was no longer a beautiful conventional commercial/print model. I had absolutely no idea how to view myself. I spent three years repairing my thoughts on beauty and my spiritual connection to authentic happiness. It was in this bottom that many young men and women with relatable testimonies carried me. I received emails, text messages, and phone calls from people who had walked this journey of finding joy from deep down in an untouchable place called soul. This small community saved me from drowning in the world’s -and my own- ancient perception of beauty. I cannot thank them enough.

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