Top Al-Shabaab commander killed in Somalia


Troops of the African Union forces (AMISOM) and the Somali National Army (SNA) killed a top commander of terrorist group Al-Shabaab last night in Somalia.

The news was confirmed by AMISOM’s Sector One commander, Brigadier General Sam Okiding.

According to Brigadier General Okiding, the Al-Shabaab commander was killed together with 22 other terrorists following airstrikes and ground operations against the insurgents’ hideout in Janale.

Some terrorists were also put out of action when they attempted to ambush AMISOM and SNA troops that were undertaking developmental activities in Janale. Brig. General Okiding told journalists that the troops will continue working on eliminating the threat of Al-Shabaab. “AMISOM and SNA forces shall continue clearing these roads as we have so far completed two major roads: one from Beldamin to Qoryooley and another from Beldamin to Shalamboti.

We are now clearing the one from Buufow to Janaale where Al-Shabaab have been trying to put up resistance,” he said. “Al-Shabaab cannot hide and we shall continue to work hard to deny them safe haven until the people have been liberated from Al-Shabaab terror.”

Al Shabaab is al Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia and operates primarily out of the country’s southern and central regions. The group is fighting an insurgency against the internationally recognized Somali Federal Government, which is based in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.



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