Top 5 Ghanaian holiday destinations for X-mas

5872690603706_2991564395475It’s been a very long year with lots of highs and lows. Successes have been chalked, mistakes have been noted with the hope of never repeating them. For many, the end of every year represents an opportunity to go on a holiday. Sometimes close-by and at other times, far, far away. The escape from the normal chaos, traffic and noise that characterises main cities into the very serene, subtle and peaceful environments in villages or far away towns is deemed very necessary. Holidays vary from lengthy tours of various destinations to short weekend stays in one particular destination but whether the holiday is planned for just you or your entire family, the main motif is to have some time away to de-stress and relax. Here are a few destinations to consider when planning a holiday trip this Christmas season.

5. Volta Region

The region that shares a border with Togo to the east of Ghana. Blessed with scenic beauty, the Volta Region is characterized by many rolling hills and valleys as well as springs, lakes and waterfalls. Home of the famous Volta Lake, this region is said to be one of nature’s most attractive gift to Ghana. It is also the main supply of water to Ghana’s Akosombo dam which provides the entire country with about 70% of hydro-electric power. A regional museum at Ho (the regional capital) is a great place to find many historical pieces and fully understand the history of the Volta Region. Hohoe is also a town which is renowned for herbal medicine and many travelers from the western world come here to undergo treatments for various illnesses. Mount Afadjato, viewed by many as the highest mountain in west Africa is found here with climbers of all races and ages trooping in to have a feel of this adventure. The Wli, Tagbo and Tsatsadu waterfalls are all very interesting and beautiful tourist sites. The beaches and resorts in this area are among the very best in Ghana. Aflao is the main gateway to and from Togo therefore many hotels ,guesthouses and restaurants can be found here and in many other big towns such as Ho, Hohoe, Keta and Kpando. An important festival by the people of the Volta region is the Hogbetsotso festival which attracts many people from all over the country in November.

4. Eastern region

This region is in very close proximity to the Volta region. A  lot of mountains and hills surround this region. Mostly referred to as the little London, the eastern region has a uniquely cold climate all year round. The Aburi Gardens is a very popular tourist attraction with a very pleasant aesthetic appeal. The garden houses thousands of trees, shrubs and flowers which come in different forms and colours. With beautiful butterflies and birds, this is a nice relaxation spot for most holiday makers. The Boti Falls is another tourist site in the Eastern region, This waterfall is believed to have come from two sources, a male source and a female source which comes together to form the eye catching Boti falls. The Ubrella rock is another interesting site that one can visit in the Eastern Region. This has a nice story behind it which is told by indigens and tour guides to people who only make it to the rock. There is always adventure in the Eastern Region. Many hotels, guesthouses and continental restaurants can be found in Koforidua, Mampong, Aburi and Kwahu.

3. Greater Accra Region

This is the nation’s capital hence the presence of many companies and investors travelling in and out on a daily basis. Many exotic and luxurious hotels have sprung up in the capital. Accra is also a hub of some world-class beach resorts as well as many facilities such as cinemas, theatres and museums amongst others. Many mega shopping malls have been built here over the years which give tourists and vacationers a great avenue to get almost everything they want from groceries and electrical appliances to clothes.The main spot for having fun as acknowledged by most people in Accra is Osu, particularly the Oxford street.

2. Central Region

This is the former capital of Ghana and hub of Ghana’s colonial past, it was the main gateway for the Europeans who colonized the then Gold coast. Cape coast is the regional capital with a vast coast and many high profile castles and forts. The Cape coast and Elmina castles were the homes of governors and other European lords who came to Ghana during the colonial era. It was the main transit point for all trade activities that took place. Many tourist guides are on hand at the castles to educate all travelers and tourists about the rich history that surrounds the castles. Many exotic and luxurious beach resorts are scattered along the coasts of the central region and therefore people looking to go on holidays here have several options to choose from. The adventure is never complete in the Central region without a visit to the Kakum National Park. The Kakum park has an adventurous canopy walk which is suspended about 80ft above ground level. Many tourists enjoy the adventurous walk with the beautiful ambience.

1.Western Region

This beautiful region has become one Ghana’s finest getaway destinations with several amazing places to visit on holidays. Sekondi-Takoradi is the regional capital and is home to the Takoradi harbour, the Essipong stadium and many great beaches. Nkroful is the hometown of Ghana’s first prime minister, the late Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, mortal remains of this great African leader lay here together with some of the items he used while he was alive. Axim is probably one of the farthest places to the west of Ghana, it is in close proximity to  Ivory Coast. It has a very beautiful but archaic setting with a very elaborate annual rainfall pattern. It is often very cold around Axim all year round. The Axim Beach Resort and Hotel is a nice place to spend a holiday. The resort has a number of thatched houses fitted with modern equipment to make that stay worthwhile. The famous “village on water’’ – Nzulezo is also found in the western region. An adventurous 45-minute canoe trip takes you to this unique environment where wooden planks form the foundation pillars of a small village on water. If you are looking to go on holiday this Christmas season, the Western region is highly recommended for you.

Christmas is a season of love and bonding. If you were planning on doing the usual, you have to change your mind. Travel, go on holidays ,relax and have fun. See new places, experience new cultures and enjoy the holidays to the fullest. Come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the coming year.


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